At ESN Oxford Brookes, your ESNcard if proof of your membership to the society, so all members have one

The card is made by the society committee shortly after you become a member, therefore you will need to provide them with:

*Name and Surname

*Country where you come from

*Date of birth

* Photo!


With your ESNcard you can get discounts locally with the partnerships that ESN Oxford Brookes has established. Click here if you wanna check them out! 


Also, you can register your card in the official ESNcard website where you will be able to find many international discounts from big companies and some discounts in other parts of Europe that you can use when you travel! 

* To be able to use these discounts you only need to create an account with your ESNcard number which is located just below the barcode.

It's all about saving some pennies when you are abroad.. ;)