ESN Oxford Brookes is one of the 441 sections across Europe. It was founded in the summer of 2012 by Natalie Rachael Kirk.
We are represented as a society at Oxford Brookes University year on year and is run by volunteers.


EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN! - We work with foreign students as well as local students wanting to have an international experience. 

Our aim is to make sure that everyone is having a great time, they are meeting new people and also learning about other cultures!
We work very closely with the Study Abroad and Exchanges Department at the university and with the Student Union.
We have...
Our Committee this 2017-2018 year is...
  • President: Amy Moone
  • Vice-president: 
  • Communications and Marketing team: Vic Bush
  • Treasurer: Ina Hoff-Nilsen
  • Events coordinators: Sumer Stafford, Will Andrews, Rory Scarlett
  • Graphic Design coordinator: Vic Bush