* Very student friendly supermarket!!

* Frozen food and ready meals that are easy to cook and very cheap

* Snacks, sweet and fizzy drinks at really good prices

* Refrigerated stuff that is quite good (they have an amazing cheese...)

Where to find it? Headington shops - Click here for a map or check out their website.

*FREE Delivery for orders above £25.



* Biggest supermarket chain in the UK

Where to find it? Everywhere!  Big ones are in the City centre and Cowley Road - Click  on the names for a map or check out their website.



* Higher quality ingredients compared to other shops

Free coffee inside the store when you own a membership card. Apply online! (also free)

* Not much more expensive than the rest



* Local Produce

20% discount if you own a NUS card



Farmer's Market

* Every Wednesday in Gloucester Green (Bus station)

Covered Market

* Located in the center of Oxford

* Open Mon- Sat

* Has great butchers and affordable fruits and vegetables

* Ben's cookies is also there!


More suggestions... 

* For more suggestions visit the 'food shopping' section in the Oxford Daily Info website