1) Brookes Key

As a Brookes student you will get your 'Brookes Key' which allows you to:

  • Travel in all the Brookes buses for free!
  • Travel in all the other Oxford buses for £1. 
2) Travel passes (SmartZone)
  • If you happen to loose your card or you have someone coming to visit you, have a look at the different travel passes that are available and that will save you money!
  • Day travel ticket is one of the best, it costs  £4, you can buy it in the bus and gives you unlimited travel in Oxford for 24hrs
  • There are other ones for different time periods like a week, a month and a year. Check them out in their websitehttp://city.oxfordbus.co.uk/smartzone/
3) Want to know when the bus is coming?
  • Visit: http://www.oxontime.com/
  • Gives you real time information
  • You can look for your stop by entering one of options in the search (see below)

To London

  • There are 2 companies that operate buses from Oxford to London and viceversa: the Oxford Tube and the X90
  • They run almost every 10-30mins depending on the time of the day
  • They both operate 24 hrs
  • The journey takes approximately 1.30 hrs 
  • Both companies stop in the main places in Oxford and London
  • With your Brookes Key you can have a return journey for £10
  • Check their websites for more info: Oxford Tube & X90

To the airports

  • You can go to the airports by bus or train.
  • By train- check the section below.
  • If you want to go by bus:
  • HeathrowGatwick operate with The Airline-buses are quite frequent and take 1.30 hrs to Heathrow and 2hrs to Gatwick
  • For other airports including Stansted and Luton check National Express in the bus section below.


  • It's a car sharing service that connects drivers with empty seats and people looking for a ride.
  • It works all over Europe
  • Very cheap and convenient option in many cases.
  • Drivers and passengers can have reviews, there is an online booking & paying system.
  • Very recommendable! Check it out ;)
  • Check their websitehttp://www.blablacar.com


  • The trains in the UK are generally very good; they are fast, safe and can get you almost anywhere!
  • To buy cheap tickets check:http://www.southwesttrains.co.uk/
  • To plan your jouney and check the arrival times in real time check : http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/
  • There is a Youth Railcard that costs  £10 and lasts for 1 year and gives you 1/3 off the train fares. You can buy it online or at a train station


  • Coaches are a cheap and efficient way to get around the UK.

1) Megabus

  • Megabus is a website where you can find really cheap (sometimes £1) coach tickets but they have limited destinations in the UK
  • There you can find coaches to get around the UK and also to travel around Europe!
  • Visit their website: www.megabus.com
2) National Express 
  • Is the main coach company in the UK.
  • There you can find coaches to to every destination in the UK. It also arranges any bus changes that you may need to make (megabus only deals with direct buses)
  • Visit their website for more information and bookings:  http://www.nationalexpress.com/home.aspx
  • There is a Young Persons Coachcard that costs  £10 and lasts for 1 year and gives you 1/3 off the bus fares. You can buy it online.