In ESN Oxford Brookes we work closely with the Study Abroad and Exchanges Department

Going from Brookes

  • Oxford Brookes has more than 100 partner universities in Europe and Internationally!
  • You need to get over 55% in your first year of university, however, some destinations are competitive therefore they are require to the higher marks but you can put a list of your 3 preferred destinations!
  • Oxford Brookes has links with many other universities in Europe - Why not check them out here? If you go to Europe you can also apply the Erasmus+ funding! Learn more about it here..
  • There are many countries to which you can go internationally - Why not check them out here too? In some of these countries you can apply for the Santander Student Awards
  • If you are elegible for UK financial support, there are lots of ways that you can get financial help from the government! Check it out in this Funding for Study Abroad Fact Sheet.
  • If you are not a UK citizen don't worry! There are still plenty of scholarships that you can apply for! Check them out here...

Coming to Brookes

  • Oxford Brookes is a very well regarded university in the UK
  • You will find that the lecturers are very committed to what they do and are always willing to help!
  • Oxford is a vibrant city with lots of things to do and full of students
  • Wherever you are from, having the UK in your CV will really enhance it, and it will prove that you have a good level of English
  • It is a university where there is lots of support available and you will always find someone to help you
  • If you want to know more about it, check the exchanges website and have a wonder around under the 'Oxford Guide' and 'About Oxford Brookes' tags.

Check out their website below!